Silver TMA |Multi-deck convection tunnel oven – 2 chambers/ 3 chambers/ 4 chambers

  • This series of ovens is particularly suitable for all types of products needing of convection heating system, which is hot air directly on products.
  • The baking result is uniform on all products baked and is suitable for baking on trays and moulds.
  • On request, conveyors can be installed to receive products direct on the mesh being baked.
  • Despite multi-deck oven type, it is possible to load directly from production machinery products and unload them into cooling conveyors automatically, keeping different types of products separately (especially for 2 chambers oven model).
  • The Silver TMA line is recommended for pasteurization of a wide range of products, also at low temperature.
  • The conveyors inside the oven can have a different set up  according to products to transfer.

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