The Silver TC cyclotherm oven, is a combination of various modules (baking zones), each one fed by its own burner and independently adjustable, in order to provide the maximum flexibility in terms of baking diagrams.

This particular design makes the oven suitable to bake a wide range of products (bread loaves, rolls, tin bread, biscuits, cakes, pastry, American-type pizzas).

Various types of baking conveyor are available: wire-mesh, steel band, steel plates and stone slat conveyors. Depending on the conveyor installed, ovens feature a mechanical or pneumatic tensioning unit. The conveyor motion is also controlled by a tracking system.

A powerful steaming unit is available as an option, for an even distribution of the steam across the oven width.

The Mecateck ovens can be integrated with various loading and unloading systems and can be easily included in any production line, manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic.

Working principle

In Cyclotherm ovens, known also as Indirect ovens, the hot gases produced by a burner do not come in contact with the products but they flow inside a sealed circuit consisting of feeding ducts, a series of tubes placed over and under the baking conveyor, return ducts and a ventilator.

A small part of the fumes then is exhausted and replaced with new hot combustion gases, which are mixed-up with the recirculated fumes and sent again through the circuit.

Baking is mainly performed by radiation from the tubes, which work as heat- exchangers. Fans creating a turbulent airflow inside the baking chamber can also supply convection heat.

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